San Valentin

Happy day of love (Valentine’s) and friendship! I hope you are having a good time on this beautiful day.

For me today was very delicious because they gave me many sweets!
The day started well when I was reading Volume 2 of Gravitation that Tania lent me while I waited for them to open the room. In the Biology class we were talking about the types of tissue in the body, especially the heart tissue, or the heart, because it was fine with the day!
In Mathematics I worked very well, in English I dedicated myself to study (I revalido the material, I only have to take a job every time I go to present, I do not have to enter classes!) For the examination of Arts and Humanities and then I already presented . Then I learned that I was not going to see softball practice

Then they began to play those of the group of Mariachi, then Crystal (female rondalla ..) and finally those of rondalla (veronil) and then yes they all looked nice in costume! And as it is tradition, when finishing touch they give flowers and Winnie gave one to Marcela and to me.

After that I ate a few synchronized and many muuuuchos sweet. : Baba: An hour later, I entered the Vocational Guidance class, where I was falling asleep. I left, I was there for a while with everyone and then my dad picked me up

And now I’m too sleepy, but I want to see Death Note, but I’m sleepy!

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