At the cinema…

Damn Cinepolis !! Letters of Iwo Jima is in Mexico City, but not in Monterrey.             Marcela and I wanted to see Nino!

We saw Flags of Our Fathers, the American part of the war, so it was not so bad.

To all my friends… thank you all for the posters! They are very nice, I will stick them on the wall of my room. Thanks for the muffins too!

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On February 23 .. here on this side of the world, I turn 16 years!

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Today February 23 (in Japan!) Celebrates Kamenashi Kazuya’s birthday!

Congratulations Kame ~~

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Hana Yori Dango – ep 5

This episode has a bit of stuffing with Makino’s brother, Susumu, but I really liked it!
From now on I will start putting the process of the episode (?) After the more tag to make it shorter and avoid spoilers.

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FL Collective

Uh, I have not been here in days! First because the host was down, and then because I set to do my Fanlisting collective. I already sent a request to be able to do the official FL of the song Sakura Sake of Arashi. So visit it and tell me how like it!

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San Valentin

Happy day of love (Valentine’s) and friendship! I hope you are having a good time on this beautiful day.

For me today was very delicious because they gave me many sweets!
The day started well when I was reading Volume 2 of Gravitation that Tania lent me while I waited for them to open the room. In the Biology class we were talking about the types of tissue in the body, especially the heart tissue, or the heart, because it was fine with the day!
In Mathematics I worked very well, in English I dedicated myself to study (I revalido the material, I only have to take a job every time I go to present, I do not have to enter classes!) For the examination of Arts and Humanities and then I already presented . Then I learned that I was not going to see softball practice

Then they began to play those of the group of Mariachi, then Crystal (female rondalla ..) and finally those of rondalla (veronil) and then yes they all looked nice in costume! And as it is tradition, when finishing touch they give flowers and Winnie gave one to Marcela and to me.

After that I ate a few synchronized and many muuuuchos sweet. : Baba: An hour later, I entered the Vocational Guidance class, where I was falling asleep. I left, I was there for a while with everyone and then my dad picked me up

And now I’m too sleepy, but I want to see Death Note, but I’m sleepy!

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Hana Yori Dango – ep 4

In this episode many things happen

Tsukasa acts like a perfect idiot because he is tense since his life goes from bad to worse: apart from being committed, he saw his best friend Rui visit his Makino in the hospital. And if that were not enough, Rui stays all night with her and practically confesses her feelings and kisses her. OMG !!

Shizuka returns from France, and although she will not stay long, her presence is always important. Soujiroh also seems to have a heart for love

Another thing is that, as in the manga, Makino’s parents ran out of work and went fishing to an almost unknown village, leaving Makino and Susumu homeless. Then the instructor of the tea classes that Yuki attends, Sara, offers a free apartment, the only problem is that it is very dirty, so dirty that give chills. But Makino manages to clean everything up. At night someone is peeking in the window and Makino and Susumu are very scared, but they decide to fight, grab a bat, open the door and hit the guy! But then they realize that it is Tsukasa. How on earth did he survive the heavy blows of Tsukushi with a bat !? Tsukasa is not a regular human, if he had not been killed! Oh, and Tsukasa bought the place where Makino is living and looked too cute talking to Susumu, LOL. He invites you to study in his new apartment, but rather runs it in an extremely beautiful way! To stay alone with Makino.

Meanwhile, Rui and Shizuka spend a lovely evening as friends, of course. And in the end she says Make her happy. OMG do you know what it means? : Heart:

And now Tsukasa and Makino are alone!
Tsukasa starts talking about a meal that tastes bitter and that when you cut it looks like a heart, that’s why he says he has the Flavor of Live and casually, this song lol background but for Tsukasa, the taste of life has the taste of The cookie Makino told him. Aaaaw!

Aaaaghh! You always have to go through a tragedy after something cute!
Makino’s cell phone starts ringing, it’s Hanazawa Rui, Tsukasa tells him that he does not have to answer and tries to take his cell phone, falls over Makino and then Shigeru arrives just to see this scene. And for a change, Rui hears Tsukasa speak, hears the whole conversation! Listen to Tsukasa telling Makino to let Shigeru go, who left crying

End of the episode.

Sorry to do it all quickly! It’s already Valentine’s Day and I’m not bathed

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Death Note: Episode 16

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Matsumoto Jun in a new drama

Matsumoto Jun, member of the group Arashi is going to star in a drama based on a manga! But now we will not see it as the aggressive Tsukasa of Hana Yori Dango, if not as Shougo, a student who wants to be a chef! The manga is called Bambino! And is good, a guy named Shougo who wants to be a chef known around the world.

It will start broadcasting in April in Japan and then the truth, the story does not draw much attention, I would only see the drama for the simple fact that Jun will be the protagonist. But you never know, I’d better save my comments until I see it.

Look at the flash of the official website of the drama. Imagining Jun cooking Italian food kills me!

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First Post!

Wow! At last I was able to finish accommodating myself in WordPress, and I have my first domain! I’m happy: smile: Orita I’m doing the sections and adding categories, then I’ll start advertising and all that

I am also all smiles!
That’s all, I’m going to work!

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