About Me

Candy-kills.net is a blog, that is a place where a person can write whenever and whatever. In my case, I write from time to time about anything I can think of.

Candy Kills - Nutty

Nutty is the Best!

Anime, manga, music, etc… anything

Now, you wonder why Candy-kills.net really? Well long ago I found a wallpaper of Nutty, the character addicted to the candy in Happy Tree Friends hence the phrase Candy Kills. I liked how it sounded and it was kept in my mind, and after many months I decided to name my blog by that name.  For me, it is perfect! The reason of .net is a mystery, I just like it.

Candy-kills.net was born on a dubious date, but it is said that it was at the end of January 2007. Since I didn’t have a credit card back then (to young), it was more like being condemned because my parents would not pay for me. I would never be able to have one until I was of legal age and I had a job to pay my way. But Bubblebeam.net and 4UHost.net came to save me. And after an adventure atn the bank, severe weeks, and much etc, Candy-kills.net was online with much to be completed (and there are still many there). And so was born, Candy-kills.net. BTW, my name is Dolce Maria, dolce is english is “Candy”.