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What does it all mean “bbbqfyncyewh.html” I’m not sure where I got this at or what it means per my memory, anyone have an idea? I found it written in an old notebook from class. Trying to throw stuff out … Continue reading

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Yes, I am back!

I know I have not been online blogging for a while. Ok,  for a long while but many things have happened since I got into blogging. I was 15 yrs old with not much to do BUT then I turn … Continue reading

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XXX Convention of Comics

No, it’s nothing porn, it’s the 30th Convention of Table and Comics Games! I went on Saturday and everything was great, although there was an excess of Naruto! After taking a lot of turns in the corridors and swimming among … Continue reading

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At the cinema…

Damn Cinepolis !! Letters of Iwo Jima is in Mexico City, but not in Monterrey.             Marcela and I wanted to see Nino! We saw Flags of Our Fathers, the American part of the war, … Continue reading

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On February 23 .. here on this side of the world, I turn 16 years!

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San Valentin

Happy day of love (Valentine’s) and friendship! I hope you are having a good time on this beautiful day. For me today was very delicious because they gave me many sweets! The day started well when I was reading Volume … Continue reading

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