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XXX Convention of Comics

No, it’s nothing porn, it’s the 30th Convention of Table and Comics Games! I went on Saturday and everything was great, although there was an excess of Naruto! After taking a lot of turns in the corridors and swimming among … Continue reading

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No Reeeeeey!

Smackdown has just finished, at 52Mx. The thing is that Rey Mysterio finally returned! But .. but suddenly came the boss Vince with his representative, Umaga. And after humiliating Rey in front of his audience, he made Umaga beat him, … Continue reading

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At the cinema…

Damn Cinepolis !! Letters of Iwo Jima is in Mexico City, but not in Monterrey.             Marcela and I wanted to see Nino! We saw Flags of Our Fathers, the American part of the war, … Continue reading

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Today February 23 (in Japan!) Celebrates Kamenashi Kazuya’s birthday! Congratulations Kame ~~

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First Post!

Wow! At last I was able to finish accommodating myself in WordPress, and I have my first domain! I’m happy: smile: Orita I’m doing the sections and adding categories, then I’ll start advertising and all that I am also all smiles! … Continue reading

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