What does it all mean “bbbqfyncyewh.html”

I’m not sure where I got this at or what it means per my memory, anyone have an idea? I found it written in an old notebook from class. Trying to throw stuff out I don’t need and came across it.

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Apple App Site Association?

Apple – App – Site – Association

Most of you have been asking what the heck is AASA, so I thought I would add this for the unknowing. The AASA (short for apple-app-site-association) is a file that lives on your website and associates your website domain with your native app. In other words, it’s a safe way to prove domain ownership to iOS. With URI schemes, which were the standard way for opening apps on iOS until iOS 9, app developers could register any URI scheme of their liking and iOS, without any verification, would respond to those URI schemes by opening apps. For example, if an indie developer registers the fb:// URI scheme for a test app, there was nothing to stop that, even though fb:// is used by the Facebook native app. The AASA file makes Universal Links unique and secure because there is no way for an indie developer to host an AASA file on the domain.

BTW, you may be wondering why I have been a little slow responding to emails and all your phone text. I found this very kewl website that I have been hanging out on. Has anyone ever played on a penny auction website? I think they are fun as hell and have been winning all kinds of stuff. I won some Beats headphones for $1.19 <wow> and a flat iron for my crazy-ass hair. Anyway, I will make a blog post on my new habit.. bidding!

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Yes, I am back!

I know I have not been online blogging for a while. Ok,  for a long while but many things have happened since I got into blogging. I was 15 yrs old with not much to do BUT then I turn 16 and my whole world woke up. So now I am back and 26 yrs old. My WP blog didn’t work since it hadn’t been updated. I am told I have to have stuff like “Privacy” and ‘Terms of Service” what is all of that???? So I included those things and change my WP theme also. Still pretty much the same except older and “no” I’m not going to tell you about my personal life. You can just guess if you want but not answering the questions.

I have turned off comments since I am told there is lots of spam to blogs now. I guess email wasn’t enough for all you “spam bastards”. I still love “Happy Tree Friends!”

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Getting Started – Harvest Moon 5

Well, first of all, I’ve been working on the blog sections, but as you can see, it’s not advanced at all! The reason is that for you to access another folder that is not the main, I have to give you a permission, and for more that I give, it does not work! Aagh well, I’ll fix it tomorrow.

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Letters From Iwo Jima

Today I went to the cinema to see Letter from Iwo Jima and I loved it! Nino’s performance was amazing and just left me speechless! I could not remove my smile every time Nino was on the scene, and I still started to cry. I could not help it Nino on the big screen!

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Marcela and I

That’s what I thought when I saw in my Fotolog a post from Marcela saying that Letters from Iwo Jima, the movie where Nino is already on the billboard! I got the tears of emotion! BUT then I’ll go with Marcela on Monday after school to see it, at last!

Yesterday started Heroes, by Universal Channel. I was traumatized, this is too cool! I already have another series to follow, along with Lost (who also started the third season) and 24 (which starts in April).
This Monday I will start reading Harry Potter from the beginning. What happens is that in a community of the theme is to read a chapter or two a day and comment on it until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows comes out. And although I do not plan to join or anything, I liked the idea so this Monday I’ll just start reading.

And then in other news, I was too late in Death Note and Hana Yori Dango. It’s because of the exams! Apart from that I’m not a good writer, I’m so lazy to write so much and in the end I do not pay much attention to the episode, so from now on I will not write much, just the parts that I was more like Fangirl.

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XXX Convention of Comics

No, it’s nothing porn, it’s the 30th Convention of Table and Comics Games! I went on Saturday and everything was great, although there was an excess of Naruto! After taking a lot of turns in the corridors and swimming among the sea of ​​people, I bought an L-shaped doll in its typical fetal position. And it only cost 250 pesos! There was also a war of bands, where Blurry Eyes, from LArc ~ en ~ Ciel, played but not many times. The best cosplay I saw was the Dark Mage of Abby, although he was not paying much attention in cosplayers And Homer disguised himself as Ritsuka.

I’m watching the first season of Grays Anatomy, tomorrow I present math and I think my SNES is still alive. Now I’m going to update WordPress from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2, because according to this, someone has put out a hack that is dangerous to the codes of WordPress.

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Akihabara@deep – ep 1

Akihabara is a place full of people, vulgar, fanatic. But it’s still a place you will not find anywhere else. Akiba, the sacred place for the otakus. The chapter begins by narrating basically what the drama is about. It tells us that Akiba (Akihabara) is practically the best place in the world. The only place where otakus feel comfortable

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Hana Yori Dango – ep 6

In this episode happen many interesting things including the decision, things we did not know suspected about an F4, even a character comes out that was thought to be exclusive to manga!

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No Reeeeeey!

Smackdown has just finished, at 52Mx. The thing is that Rey Mysterio finally returned! But .. but suddenly came the boss Vince with his representative, Umaga. And after humiliating Rey in front of his audience, he made Umaga beat him, to the point that the paramedics had to go to help him!

And I got the tears! Just to see King lying there, I know that was last week, but I do not care! I hate Vince! He may be the owner of the WWE, but whatever he wants, I’m frustrated by his attitude, I hope he loses and cut his stupid gray hair!

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